Product promotion information


Dear customer:
Hello In order to meet the market demand, and honor the dragon company recently launched new series of plastic head, steel plate and ink and other products, varieties, specifications and diverse, widely used in printing, screen printing process. The new series of high quality products, low cost, high cost performance. In the promotion period, the sample trial can be provided free of charge.
In addition, we have a standard model design Winon hundreds of printing, screen printing, bronzing and heat transfer for the customer to choose. The machine adopts imported pneumatic fittings, aluminium alloy precision manufacturing, superior performance, strong and durable. Ronglong thank 20 years to all customers the trust and support of our, better feedback of new and old customers our company held Rangli promotions, bargain activities, and may give products supporting the development of printing services.
Winon company keeps pace with the times, continuously improve their products in order to bring more economic benefits for your company.
Welcome to call us.

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