Analysis of advantages of full automatic screen printing machine with huge market potential


Full automatic screen printing machine is based on the degree of automation of the screen printing machine, is in manual screen printing machine, semi-automatic screen printing machine after a development trend. Using more advanced technology and technology, make the process of silk screen more accurate, faster, higher degree of automation. At present, the development of automatic screen printing machine is very good, more screen printing equipment company into this area, the market share is rapidly increasing. Full automatic screen printing machine in the future will certainly be the most widely used to replace the most extensive semi automatic screen printing machine, which is an inevitable trend of the development of the industry.
According to the Chinese industry insight network researcher research, global digital automatic screen printing machine has entered a period of rapid growth, which in 1995 an increase of 1% in 2000 for 4%, 2006 for 16%, 2010 for 19%. Our automatic screen printing machine industry "12th Five-Year" development plan clearly pointed out that "12th Five-Year" period, China's digital automatic screen printing machine proportion automatic screen printing machine of the total output value of more than 20%. This indicates that China's digital automatic screen printing machine market has great potential.
Full automatic screen printing machine can improve the production speed and automation, reduce the labor force. The traditional screen printing professionals need to rely on eye recognition and judgment, whether the control sample and relevant measurement tools to determine the standard, slow speed and high error rate, the unity that affect the quality standard.
The fully automatic screen printing machine has from digital program-controlled operation, automatic feeding, transmission, prepress, Postpress process continuous research and development work to ensure accuracy, switch convenient, even to achieve customization. In addition, automatic screen printing machine can realize developed to skip a step rotary screen printing machine, develop more efficient screen printing machine, let the squeegee pressure, velocity and angle of many parameters can be read immediately and can realize programming, repeatedly prints can according to the procedure that the resumption of production, from pre press ready to print the whole process to ensure that the use of accurate production data.
The fully automatic screen printing machine can be used for all kinds of plastics, cosmetics, packaging box, metal plate, dial plate, acrylic, organic glass, electronic products, household products, stickers, leather transfer printing paper. All types of cups, buckets, glass, wood, a baseball bat. Can also be in the flat, curved surface objects, whether it is a simple block of color patterns, full color pattern or patterns with excessive color, printing, no plate, no need to print and repeated chromatography, as the most beautiful and high quality efficiency of printing. Full automatic printing effect is more beautiful than the manual printing effect, three-dimensional sense of strong, higher precision, quality is more stable. Because of fast printing speed, non clogging of the screen, products and the environment air contact less, not easily stained with dust, printing quality is better!

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