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Micro-electronic keyboard control operation interface, versatile, easy to operate.
Pneumatic components using world-renowned brands, powerful, durable.
Workbench and network arm fine-tuning function, the version quickly and easily.
Gear rack synchronous transmission structure, with the mold, to ensure accurate positioning printing.
Equipped with special shock absorber, printing performance is superior and stable.
Widely used in a variety of cups, bottles, tubes, cans and other cylindrical, round
Cone and elliptical surface silk screen operations. 

Technical Parameters

Mechanical model


Max.screen plate size


Max.printing area


Printing speed

600 cycle/hour

Electric power

110V or 220V 50/60HZ 20W



Net weight


Typical application

Widely apply in various kinds of cup, bottle ,tube ,buckle, and cans.


Application Areas

Machines of this series can be widely applied to print on various kinds of key –press electric components like computer, mobile phone. electric panel. telephone, game player, etc, Machine is also suitable to print on accessories of hardware or plastics like logo ,toy, and commodity. Special design is available according to customer’s specific requirements

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