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Special printing supplies
As a major ink supplier in the printing industry, Ronglong has newly developed several series of inks to meet the ever-changing printing needs in the market. UV TPX Pad Varnish and uv PCX Silk Varnish, and Winon 5 Series Pad Printing Inks. (see below for details). At the same time, Ronglong also supplies special inks for customers.
Peripheral equipment and accessories supplies:
In addition to providing technical solutions for special printing machinery, Ronglong Industrial Co., Ltd. also provides special printing consumables for our customers. Such as all kinds of silk screen printing ink, uv ink, special ink, agent of the world famous brand special printing materials, Valet design and production of special fixtures and fixtures, printing plastic head, steel etching, silk screen frame and other processing services for customers With difficult screen printing, pad printing and hot stamping, we urgently need to provide precision plate service.

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